GlassMaster Pro Reach &...
• GlassMaster Pro Reach & Clean kit includes a 2 Piece comfort grip handle, 1 pivoting triangular heads, Two microfiber...
$ 15.00
GlassMaster Pro Reach -...
• GlassMaster Pro Reach Replacement Bonnets includes a microfiber cleaning/polishing bonnet, a terry multi-purpose bonnet and scrubbing nylon mesh bonnet.  ...
$ 7.99 $ 8.99
  • This tool definitely makes it easier to wipe the hard to reach areas of a windshield. The concave surface straightens out when you apply enough pressure. Unfortunately, it still takes many cleanings to get all the film off and there were not enough soft bonnets.

    Hollyo - Amazon
  • I have a auto detail shop, some of the guys' hands are to big to get in corners of windshield by dash. This took care of that problem, and it does a perfect job. No smears!

    Amazon Buyer
  • I drive a school bus and the front is mostly windshield and unless you own a portable crane or cherry picker it's impossible to reach that window for washing. This tool allows me to screw an extension pole into the bottom so I can reach my school bus windshield and the windshield of my Ram diesel truck. The pads do an excellent job of cleaning provided you use a reliable brand of window cleaner.

    Chuck - Amazon Buyer


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