Modern Standard for winterizing Requires zero plumbing experience. Easy to install with illustrated step-by-step instructions. Complete De/Winterize in Minutes. Easily...
$ 79.99
  • Worth Every Penny "I bought one of these kits a while back and just finally installed it. I'm a bit of a plumbing novice and I took longer than an hour to finish the job, but not by much. Mostly I had to wait for the glue to dry in between steps due to the colder temperatures, and since it was my first time working with PVC (cutting and gluing) I wanted to make sure I knew exactly how to handle the tools before I started working on my sprinkler system. Now that it's in place I'm looking forward to never wasting hours again on winterizing. Excellent product, and I highly recommend it!”

    Holly Long
  • After complaining to a friend about how I hate draining and wrapping my back pressure valve system to prepare for winter (had one freeze and bust a few years ago), a friend told me there is an easier way. He told me about this product so I ordered one. I followed the instructions and the installation was fairly simple. Once installed, I stood back and thought "How simple! I should have thought of this years ago". This is a must for all the procrastinators who wait till the last minute to winterize. Once installed, only takes a couple of minutes to winterize the system. Would have given a five star rating if the PVC cutter and glue were included in the kit.

  • I received the kit and installed the kit that afternoon. The instructions at first appear to daunting but after studying them for a few minutes, it became apparent that the installation is actually very simple. The kit went together very well and all of the pieces needed were in the kit. The longest part of the actual procedure is to wait on the glue to dry. After installation, the winterizing procedure took less than 5 minutes -just as it was advertised The de-winterizing procedure was also less than 5 minutes. This product actually works as advertised and there is no doubt that it will prevent your expensive back flow valve from freezing since it allows you to remove the back flow valve and store it inside. No more busted back flow valves. The last time my valve froze, it cost me $150 just to buy the replacement. It would be nice if the PVC glue and primer were included in the kit. Awesome product!!!



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