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Best in Quality KN-95 Masks!

Your safety and health is very important to us at BYRUS! Our products are FDA Certified / CE.


Contec Pulse Oximeter

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Byrus Approved Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask

Box of 50

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I work for a dentist office and go through mask very quickly.  It was getting very costly and some of the mask I purchased did not fit properly.  I love these masks and will keep purchasing very good quality.


I have always wanted to purchase a pulse oximeter and now I felt like I had more than one reason to do so with the COVID 19.  Works great.


I had no idea what Byrus approved meant until I did a little research.  Like the good housekeeping seal of approval for PPE.  I felt safe with my purchase and it did not take a month to get - shipped the next day.